Thursday, November 22, 2007

'The Uncommon Quilter' by Jeanne Williamson

If you believe that quilts have to be planned out in detail and each and every one an heirloom, then this book isn't for you.

Jeanne made a quilt a week for 7 years from almost everything you could think of. This book shows some of her quilts grouped into Plastic, Paper, Surface Design and Fibre.

This book is like a quilter's playground. Jeanne encourages you to make quilts in a very quick and relaxed way. Some of her quilts took a couple of hours; some took a couple of days. But when you are aiming for a quilt a week, you can't agonise over things ... just do it! She included examples of a couple of techniques that were so simple and accessible that you want to give it a go.

For me, this book suffers a bit from bad editing. But the ideas and variety of quilts more than make up for that.

Now, where do I find some orange construction fencing ...

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