Sunday, March 23, 2008

Beneath The Southern Cross

This was my entry in the Unique Stitching art quilt challenge. It didn't get posted in time to be shown with the others in Braidwood thanks to a rather unreliable co-worker. But I rather like it.

Here's a close up shot of the star buttons making up the Southern Cross. The other side is the outside of a shell but I don't know what kind they were made from.

The theme was 'Australian Autumn" and here's a bit from the Artist Statement:

As summer moves into autumn, the evenings are cooler and, with the heat of summer behind us, the night sky is just that bit clearer.

I love to sit outside in autumn and gaze up at the night sky. Without the summer’s haze, the stars seem just that bit closer. But, being a Northern hemisphere girl, I still catch myself searching the stars for my old friends, the Big and Little Dippers and the North Star. But when I come across the Southern Cross standing out from the other stars, I stop my searching.