Saturday, November 10, 2007

Scatterday Challenge - O

This very tardy Scatterday Challenge place holder is brought to you by the letter 'O' and the categories Breakfast, Shiny and Little Things.

For Breakfast, we have Toohey's Old. Come on, like you never had the t-shirt 'Beer. It's not just for breakfast.'

For Shiny, we have an Orange Reflective Vest. I didn't want to be a perve and take a photo of some construction worker (OK, I really did) so settled for a duck in an orange reflective vest.

And for Little Things, we have Opal Beads. The top string is boulder opal which I'd never heard of before but couldn't go past. I love these beads but they are the most expensive beads that I have ever bought ... EVER ... and I already know the quilt I have to make to put them on.

For next week, which will be here before I know it, we have Human, Soft and Toy, brought to you by the Letter H.

1 comment:

Michelle Watters said...

Nice to see you catch up. Like the photos. Were you doing subversive duck photography somewhere?