Wednesday, August 07, 2013

SAQA Blog Hop - Journey

My entry was inspired after a nap.  I woke up and thought about getting started on my entry.  The deadline was looming and, as usual for me, time was running out.  I was staring at a cushion when Inspiration smacked me with both the idea and a plan.

I started with a packet of fabrics and a fat quarter of an Aboriginal fabric.  From there, the quilt just about made itself.
I had to audition fabrics to see what went best with the Aboriginal fabrics.
I cut out more circles that I care to remember before making a decision.  I liked it.
And here it is trimmed to size and finished with facings instead of a binding.
I have always liked raw edge machine applique and liked threads from some of the circles against the dark background fabric.  It was a nice contrast to the more finished edges with the blanket stitch.
I used the same fabric on the back as for the background and thought that the Aboriginal fabric for the hanging sleeve livened it up a bit.  A circle for the label just seemed like a nice touch.
We all walk around carrying our true selves inside.  But from outside, we tend to all look the same.  But when you are a part of a minority culture, you can walk amongst other people from other cultures but you carry your culture inside your heart.  And that journey is what makes us special.