Saturday, September 29, 2007

Scatterday Challenge - W

This week's Scatterday Challenge is brought to you by the letter W - Black Things, Tools and Games.
For Black Things, we have Wine. Tools was a bit tough, but I came up with allen wrenches. And for Games, I give you Wooden Pieces from my almost authentic Parchessi game.

Next week is brought to you by the letter C and the categories are Hobbies, Furniture and Pizza Toppings.


Jodie said...

WINE!! Can't believe I didn't think of that. That is my favourite 'black thing' by far!

Pennie & David said...

Very clever... and that's a full bottle of Black Label??? I like the stretch with the Allen Wrench, we call them Allen Keys but what do we know eh!! :-) Pennie
P.S. Just did a Google, they are called both wrench and key... too clever by half you are!! P.

MG Quilts said...

Glad that you are enjoying my choices. There are times when being an American can be a bit of an advantage ... two languages to draw upon.

And please don't confuse 'clever' with 'desperate'. In my case, it's more of one than the other! :^)

Michelle Watters said...

Ah Maggie I knew the alcohol you hoard would come in useful one day. I felt sure you were going to present some tool called Wayne or Warren but am happy with a wrench -I had that too!