Friday, September 07, 2007

Foiling Workshop

On Friday, while in exile, I went to Diane Groenewegen's Foiling Workshop organised by The Canberra Quilters. It was a good day and here are some of my samples that I rather liked.

This one was foil vlysofixed on piece of courdory. The vlysofix was cut with pinking shears and the nap on the fabric gave the foil some texture.

For this one, I used a large paper punch to cut shapes out of vlysofix sandwiched between two pieces of paper. The individual shapes are at the bottom and the original piece of vlysofix is at the top. The fabric had a bit of texture in it but it didn't have any effect on the texture of the foil.

In this sample, the foil was fused to the fabric with fusible thread. This one was my favourite and now I'm on the lookout for fusible thread.

And, finally, my little brain flash.

I trimmed up all the samples from this workshop, even the ones that didn't work very well or that I didn't like, and attached them to the right-hand pages of an A5 visual diary with double-sided tape. On the left-hand page, opposite each sample, I made notes of how I made it, what worked well, what didn't work so well and whether or not I liked the result.

Now, where are the samples from other workshops I've taken ...

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