Sunday, September 09, 2007

My Latest Work-in-Progress

While I was in exile in Canberra this weekend, a couple of us had a bit of an art quilt-y day. Our first projects were to make a small faux felt work using those wonderful hand-dyed wool and silk tops. I've used them before, but the others hadn't.

Here is what I started with some wonderful wool and silk tops that my friend Norma gave me for my birthday.
I think it looks a bit like the flames of a fire, but will know more once it's quilted. It currently had Solvy pinned to it and is waiting for machine quilting.

I'll keep you posted.


Lisa Walton said...

You have had a creative weekend.

MG Quilts said...

Helped me deal with my APEC-related frustration. That and the start of the Rugby World Cup ...