Saturday, September 22, 2007

Scatterday Challenge - B

This week's Scatterday Challenge is brought to you by the letter B - My Favourite Things, Big Things and Shop. This week was so much easier than last week.
For My Favourite Things, we have Books. I usually prefer science fiction or mysteries, but I've lately started reading a lot about the Middle East and Islam.

Big Things was a bit of a tough one, but I managed to take a photo of a Boiled Lobster. This one measures about a metre long ... if only they got this big in real life. This one is at work on a counter near a big fancy copier. I won't even start to wonder why.

And, finally, for Shop ... Bottle Shop, featuring Boags beer in honour of the Rugby World Cup, affectionately known as 'Bill', and getting a bit carried away with the 'B' theme for this week.

Next week ... don't know yet. Guess the other players didn't get up at 5am to watch France play Ireland in the rugby. Heavy sigh.


Michelle Watters said...

Love the photos. Very creative letter B!! Can we get some info on the lobster? Sorry I wasn't up earlier Maggie! Next week's categories are on my blog - you'll love them! Bet you can find a tool without any problem at all!

MG Quilts said...

The lobster looks like it is made of wood and cut in a primitive style. The big fancy printer cum fax cum scanner sits in an island between some meeting rooms and a small kitchen. The lobster is just sitting on one side of the island next to the printer.

I figure it is one of those Big End of Town interior decorator things, in keeping with the IKEA-esque feel of the rest of the building. I haven't seen anything comparable to the lobster on any of the other levels.

And that's all I can tell you.

Di said...

Love how you made your "B", Maggie!

Di's SnippitS said...

Your B is very impressive and Books are great. It was so hard for me to chose a favourite B. I couldn't decide between my dog Bonnie, butterflies, books or Baillies. Although it did say favourite thingS so perhaps I could have included a few

Christina said...

Love your letter B your choices were great