Thursday, May 10, 2007

How I Made It -- Temporary Velcro

Smaller quilts I enter into the Sydney Quilt Show require velcro on the back. Instead of attaching the velcro directly to the quilt, I make a little velcro casing strip the width of the quilt.

I whip stitch the one side of the folded cloth strip to the back of the quilt. Usually I sew one to the top of the quilt and one at the bottom, so that the flap opens and the hook side (the one that sticks) is along the outer edge of the quilt and the loop side is to the inside of the quilt.

When you fold the two sides together, the velcro is enclosed safely inside and only sticks to itself.

Once the quilt is back from the show, I just cut one or two of the whipped stitches and yank the velcro off the quilt. The velcro-and-cloth-strips go into a drawer until the next time I need to put velcro on the back a quilt. I've got a couple of small ones that can be used together on a larger quilt when required.

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