Tuesday, May 15, 2007

How I Made It -- Fibre Collage #1 (Part 2)

Step 2: Adding the Threads (continued)
Next, I auditioned some of the yarns from my big box. Purple eyelash was a good colour ... added a nice dark to the purples in the wool top. But this first attempt wasn't a good one.

Second attempt was better.

Moving on to the orange section, I tried this first with the orange pom-pom yarn. Didn't like it.

Second attempt was better but still didn't like it.

Much happier with how this one looked.

The colour change in the photos is because it was later in the day when I did this next part.

Now, time to turn my attention to the area where the purple shifts to orange. So I added the purple pom-pom yarn.

Liked it but thought it needed more of the same.

Still missing something ... so I cut a long length of the purple pom-pom and untwisted the pom-pom strand from the purple strand. I added the purple strand all over the purple 1/3rd of the quilt top.

Yes, I liked that much better.

Next Post: Using the Solvy. Don't touch that dial!

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