Saturday, January 19, 2008

Scatterday Challenge - Letter U

This week's Scatterday Challenge is brought to you by the Letter U and the categories Street, Cartoon Characters, Things People Pay a Lot of Money For.

For Street, we have Underhill Street, a local thoroughfare.

For Cartoon Characters, I give you Ursula, one of George of the Jungle's cartoon over-endowed but platonic sidekicks. Well, the kiddies believe it, even if thousands wouldn't. Come on, everybody sing. You know you want to: George, George, George of the Jungle ...

And, finally, for Things People Pay a Lot of Money For, I give you Uber Uncomfortable Underwear. Pound for pound, this stuff gives you maximum purchased discomfort for your dollar without actually having to travel to Oxford Street.

Next week is brought to you by the Letter N and the categories Orange, Something South American and Things That Are Good for You, but You Don't Like.

1 comment:

Michelle Watters said...

It's nice to have you back. Great undies - did you buy them LOL?