Friday, July 13, 2007

Totally Out of Hand!

What was supposed to be Tinkerbell flitting from here to there is starting to look like Aladdin and his magic carpet ride.

I am loving the beading and hope you are too, Nic, but I'm afraid that it's thrown my design totally out of whack. Not sure how I'll get the map motif back into it, but what the heck. Time to throw caution to the wind, hold on tight and see where this one ends up ... Wish me luck!

A couple of things I've learned ... when you bead Timtex to death, it actually gets thinner and softer ... I like Silamide thread for beading, better than Nymo ... and now I know why Real Beaders use big beads to do this seed bead thing around. I'll remember that for next time.


Dale Anne said...

These pieces look FABULOUS!!!
I was looking for the size...saw a straight pin and am kinda judging that these are about 10 X 18 inches or ????

MG Quilts said...

Each half page is ... wait, only my quilting rulers are imperial ... 9" by 6" so, together, they are 9" by 12" the final page size.

Lavender said...

OK, I dont know your vision for the piece (beyond 'map') but what I see there, is a sea - maybe its just the blue giving me that?
Looking forward to seeing how it progresses, Cheers!

Lisa Walton said...

Wonderful piece - love the progress