Sunday, July 08, 2007

8 Totally Random Things

Helen has tagged me and if I spend any time at all thinking about this it will be intellectualised to death and never happen. So, hang on, here we go ...
  1. I am much happier being divorced than I ever was being married.
  2. I am an absolute tragic when it comes to rugby and cricket which is even worse when you consider that I am a woman from America. If I were Canadian, it would at least make a bit of sense.
  3. Being a parent is the hardest, scariest and most thankless job I've ever undertaken.
  4. I can be incredibly brave and absolutely fearless about things that aren't personal, like saying and doing things that make other people gasp, but as soon as it becomes something personal, the walls go up.
  5. Playing with textile things is what keeps me from going completely insane. And most of what I make or do no one else ever sees. Too personal.
  6. There is no way that I would be able to make it though this life of mine without the unquestioning support and understanding of my friends. Made all the more amazing when you consider that I hardly ever actually see them. But they are there nonetheless.
  7. No one can treat you like your family. No one else would dare.
  8. I have more backbone and bigger cajones that most of the men I work with. And, most of the time, have absolutely no idea what I'm doing or how it will turn out. But I do it with such confidence that everyone believes me and supports my ideas. And it seems to work out.
Well, this took about 3 minutes to do. And I'm going to post it now before I have a chance to edit it into vanilla.

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Helen said...

Thanks for doing this. I'm with you all the way, especially #1. Well just about all the way, I'm not a sport fan! I forgot to tell you that you are supposed to nominate 8 other blogs, but probably just about everyone will have already done it, exponential functions being what they are.