Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Quilt I Can Never Exhibit

I was at a weekend workshop and Kate wore her name tag down on the hem of her shirt instead of higher up. She explained that it was to prevent men from saying "So, what do you call the other one?"

The inspiration for this quilt hit during the hysterical laughter that ensued. For those who weren't there and don't know the story, this work-in-progress looks like fish scales.

I cut the shapes from a packet of hand dyed fabrics that went from green to orange to brown and the entire quilt, all three layers and the shapes are vlysofixed together as per one of the workshops that weekend.

Recently, I added the round shapes so that I could show this for one of the challenges, 'Of the Body'. Unfortunately, no one sees fish scales any more. And I'll never be able to exhibit this quilt unless I can find a way to quilt and embellish this quilt so that it doesn't look so much like breasts.


kathy said...

OH, BREASTS!! I really saw fish scales and laughter and friends sharing a funny story.

Pennie & David said...

Flippin Heck Maggie, I think you'd have a very successful quilt making career if only you could learn to part with a quilt! $500 is a good price for a small quilt but not a good price for all the fabulous work gone into it. Congratulations even if your purse is hurting your head must be happy :-) Pennie