Friday, October 20, 2006

Birthday Fat Quarters

I got a nice bundle of fat quarters from a group of Netties for my birthday. I thought that they were very nice but two of them (the ones on the right) just were that little bit out there compared to the rest.

When they were wet, they looked even more out of place.

So I dumped them into a bowl with hot water and some Parisienne essence. The results were quite dramatic when they were wet. But was it too much?

Was pretty sure that I'd gone too far. But once they were dry and folded, they joined the others quite nicely.

The last one on the right and the 8th one from the right were to two that got the dunk.

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Pennie & David said...

Wow... Well done Maggie, what a lovely blend of beige, fascinating process, thanks for that I really enjoyed these photos. cheers Pennie