Sunday, October 22, 2006


Yesterday was the fete at HRH's school and the weather was memorable -- cold, windy, cloudy with just enough rain to keep that chill going. By the time the Senior Band played I was well and truly ready to go home and warm up.

The quilt I donated to the silent auction actually went over the $500 reserve and I had to pay more so I could take it home with me. I wanted to be strong but, in the end, I decided that I just couldn't part with it. Besides, I was pretty chuffed that someone was willing to bid that much for it.

That sort of made up for the $200 parking ticket I got for parking out in front of the school. Seems that everyone who parked along MacPherson Street got booked. Always nice when the local council helps to support the community.

I managed to hold off at the White Elephant sale and got some lace bits and some junk jewelery for next to nothing. I've taken them apart already and the bead and baubles and bits will be very nice embellishments to go with the quilt I'm going to make from my birthday fat quarters, a rather distinctive colour theme (well, for me anyway).

All in all, a pretty expensive day, although most of it was for a good cause.

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