Sunday, April 12, 2009

Siggies Are Finished!

Continuing on from yesterday's post, once the cream fabric was 'printed' with grapes, I cut the grapes and the feature fabric into 7" squares. I used the usual method for making half square triangles (HST) from squares but didn't cut them apart. I flipped up the feature fabric on each co-joined HST and stamped my details on each half.

I ordered the stamp from Advance Printing (fast and reliable and not expensive) and picked the traditional, no-built-in-ink-pad option when it was time to pay. For the ink pad, I use the India Ink one from The Thread Studio because it has such high quality ink and produces sharp and washable images. In a pinch, I have used one from the scrapbook section of Lincraft that says on the label that it is waterproof and permanent when dry (which I always check, just to be sure).

When I stamped the fabric this time, I put a couple of layers of scrap fabric underneath to get a bit sharper image.

Now, it was time to heat set all the paint and ink. Being a lazy person, there was no way I was going to iron each one for 5 minutes. So I tossed the lot into the dryer set on the hottest setting (denim) and let the technology do the work for me. Remember that they were still in big squares; I hadn't cut them apart yet into individual squares.

When the dryer was done, I ironed them all and then cut them apart.

They were a bit 'hairy' from their time in the dryer.

But that will be sorted out when I trim them to size (6 1/2" unfinished).

Now, all I have to do is trim the other 70-odd siggies and I'm done!


Lissa Jane said...

well done maggie.. I love your fabric too...

see you in four sleeps


Quiltycat said...

Had a grin at the heat setting method,especially the use of the term "let the technology...". Yep, that's the Maggie I know! Good thinking!
Was interested in reading about the ink pad you use.
Thanks for the comment on the blog.

Bernadette said...

Thanks for the tips Maggie they look great! Ordering the stamp would certainly save a lot of time.

Jane said...

Well done. I managed the Bendigo retreat but took advice and did not put pressure on by doing the siggies.
Have a hundred or so hearts to be put into a quilt they can keep me busy.
But yours look really effective.