Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sydney Quilt Show -- Recess!!

I started out with this piece of fabric from Dyed and Gone to Heaven.
Using the technique from the online class Instant Art Quilts, I got this.
I added a few smaller pieces of torn fabric to break up the bigger spaces.
Then I tucked some blue accent pieces under some of the torn edges.
Here it is machine quilted to death and painted from the back.
I painted on the back and then poured water on the wet paint so that it bled through the quilting to the front. This was a pretty stressful thing to do ... what if I'd messed it up?

Of course, the paint acted differently on the actual quilt than it did in the samples I tested this idea on, so I was pretty anxious at this point. But, thankfully, it turned out just fine.

Voila! Here is the finished quilt, painted, stamped, coloured with paintstiks and bound with my cheater raw-edged binding and hanging at the show.

I'll post some closeup shots of the front and photos of the paint on the back once I've got the quilt back.


Dy said...

Love it! Those little bits of blue give it great depth.

Lindi said...

That's fabulous! I can't wait to have a go and experiment for myself.

Kathryn said...

I love the finished project, Maggie. You are firing up my creative juices to do something artistic again!

Helen said...

Very interesting technique, painting from the back. I would never have thought of that in a million years. Love the result.