Saturday, February 02, 2008

Scatterday Challenge - Letter Z

This week's Scatterday Challenge is brought to you by the Letter Z. And no categories. Piece of pie.

So, for the first Z, I give you Zappo, what appears to be a rather violent lolly.

Second Z is Zita Penne pasta and third Z is a bottle of Zinc Plus tablets.

And the Z drought was well and truly over because I also have pictures of zucchini and lemon and lime zest ... just in case the judges turn against me.

Next week is brought to you by the Letter I and the categories Yellow, Australian, Something You Would Find in the Air. And I think that brings me up to date with my Scatterday Challenges, just in case those pesky judges are still watching. ;^)


Dy said...

Welcome back Maggie! :-)

Michelle Watters said...

Now these are good Zzzzzzz's. Now - about the judges. Who are they and tell me their names because I think they need a word!