Saturday, October 27, 2007

Scatterday Challenge - J

This week's Scatterday Challenge is brought to you by the letter J - Restaurant, Sport and Pointy Things.

For Restaurant, I give you Junk Food, not exactly fine dinning but quite a treat for kids whose parents only relent once or twice a term.

In the category of Sport, I give you Jerks, professional sportsmen who hold themselves up as role models, quite happily taking huge sums of money from the teams they play for and various sponsors while all the time lying to us about what great guys they are.

And, finally, we come to Pointy Things. Pointy is defined as 'having parts that stick out sharply here and there'. But I decided against giving you a photo of John Howard's eyebrows, which most certainly fit the bill, because you might be a bit tired of having him show up in my Scatterday Challenge every week in a most unfavourable light. Instead, I decided to give you Jaws. But I was sorely tempted.

For next week, the Letter is A and the categories are Round Things, Vegetables and Something You Like The Smell Of.


Pennie & David said...

Love your Junk, Jerks and Jaws but mostly love your letter 'J'. I don't think you will fit JH into your 'Something you like the smell of' Category, maybe Round Thing and Vegetable though LOL

Michelle Watters said...

I love the jaws. Very clever. I love your letter too. Maybe we should amke the letter a photo challenge as well!

Dy said...

Ha ha, you thrive on controversy don't you Maggie. I love your lateral thinking.

MG Quilts said...

I'd hate to disappoint and start being normal this late in the game. Never underestimate the creative energy brought on by absolute panic every Saturday morning!

downunderdale said...

especially love the jerks, Maggie -

Anonymous said...

I always love your scatterdays challenges, and wish I were capable of such witty thinking. I also think you should keep putting JH in wherever you can. LOL