Saturday, August 25, 2007

Scatterday Challenge - L

MW posted this challenge on her blog so I thought I'd give it a go. This week's letter was L and the categories were Food, Animal, Sewing.
First, for Food, we have a common fixture from my kitchen ... leftovers.

Animal was a challenge for this City Girl. My first thought was of Mr Less-Than-Useless at work but didn't think he'd let me take his picture. He doesn't trust me for some reason. So, after a moment of amazement at just how animal-free my life is, I was saved. We have a lizard, a tuatara from New Zealand.

For the Sewing category, we have some lace that my friend Linda gave me. Not sure where it came from but it smells old.

Thanks, Michelle, for sending me the link to make photo mosaics.


Michelle Watters said...

Excellent Maggie. Leftovers is very inventive. I would like a photo of the nice man at work though. As you know I am always interested in the men in your life. How's James?

Dy said...

Terrific photos Maggie, I love love love your lizard!

MG Quilts said...

If there were a photo of Mr Less Than Useless, it would probably have my hands around his neck ... never a good look.

Ah, James. He was the man of my dreams ... well, of someone's dreams. If only he'd been real ...