Sunday, August 12, 2007

I'm Ba-a-a-a-ck!

I think that I have finally shaken this horrible lurgy that has been making life unpleasant for the past 6 weeks. I knew that I was on the road to recovery when I started to feel hungry at meal times. Then I realised that I wasn't spending most of every day trying to cough up a lung. And I could actually stay awake all day instead of sleeping all afternoon. Then I started waking up in the mornings and actually feeling like I'd gotten some rest.

But the real sign that I'm back to my usual self ... I actually did some art today. Worked on my journal quilt for Houston. Went to the tapestry exhibition at the Ervin Gallery by the Observatory. Took some photos and didn't delete them.

Of course, the balance of the universe must be maintained, so Blogger took on that job and won't let me upload a photo to go with today's post. But that is OK. It will probably work tomorrow.


Michelle Watters said...

Welcome back. I've been worried. Glad you are feeling better. Looking forward to your blogging catch ups.

Pennie & David said...

Thank goodness you are better Maggie, I was getting sick of looking at your 'I wish I had a Dog quilt' post. cheers Pennie

MG Quilts said...

That quilt has the same effect on me every time I've had to look at it.

Helen said...

I was wondering where you had got too. I was missing your lovely piccies. Glad you are feeling better.