Thursday, January 26, 2012

Co-Joined Cutting Matts

I was trying to trim a quilt that was longer than my large cutting matt.  It fit better on both of my large and medium cutting matts when they were laid next to each other.  
Which worked out really well.  Until I moved the quilt and the two matts got shifted away from each other, not a lot, but enough to expose my tabletop if I'd continued trimming.  Not good.  Time for Plan B.
I thought about taping the two matts together but was worried about adhesive residue left on one or both of the matts.  And would sticky tape be strong enough?  Which got me thinking. 
There are these cool Post-it Notes that I couldn't resist at the local office supply shop.  They might do the trick  Why not give them a go?  So I did.
I used the cool Post-it Notes and they worked a treat.  I stuck the matts together and flipped them over and they stayed together.  I shifted around the quilt and the matts stayed together.  When I was finished, the Post-it Notes removed easily and cleanly.
Problem solved!