Friday, September 25, 2009

My Kambrachallenge Quilt for 2009

We each started out with this tube of 40 7" squares, Blue and Green 1895 Bali Watercolours by Hoffman, two squares of each fabric.

The rules for the Kambrachallenge are simple: use some of each fabric in whatever you make for the challenge. So, I thought about it, off and on, until about a month before the unveiling. Got off to a good start by winding some bobbins and finding the tube of squares. Getting the tube open and the fabric out was a challenge in itself. Baby steps ...

I actually got started two weekends before the unveiling, raided my stash, had to unpick and resew the dark block which was as much fun as you imagine. And I finished about an hour or so before I had to be there. Plenty of time to spare ...

And here is my quilt top for the 2009 Kambrachallenge:

To see the rest of this year's Kambrachallenge quilts and the ones from previous years, go here.

Next year's challenge fabrics look like this:

For some reason I keep thinking of Pepto Bismol ... not sure why. But I am sure that by mid to late July I will be completely inspired ... if only by the looming early August deadline and not by the fabrics.

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