Sunday, September 17, 2006

Opera House -- Take 2

Are you tired of shots of the Opera House yet?

I took this one on the ferry home one night last week. Can't wait for HRH to start high school so I can take the ferry to work every day and home every night.

With the fading light, I wasn't sure if it came out or not so quickly took another shot just as the camera battery decided to retire for the evening. Think I like the dead battery shot even better.

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keryn said...

It looks like the right end is on fire, great illusion. I also love going past the Opera House on the ferry. It's such an icon, and has so many moods. The ferries always make me think of the history of Sydney, because Mum and Dad had so many stories of them and Circular Quay, and how busy it used to be. It feels significant to take the ferry ride, like being part of a magnificent tradition.