Saturday, April 15, 2006

More Felt Pieces

This piece was inspired by the photos on the NASA site, Astronomical Photo of the Day. Every time I try to find the actual photo, I get completely distracted by the photos of nebulae and galaxies and the surfaces of distant moons.

These two pieces were made by adding a thin strip of plastic between the layers of wool fibres. They acted as a resist to keep the layers of fibres from felting to each other.

Considering where I put them and where they ended up, the resists moved around quite a bit during the constant rolling of the felting process. To find them after the felting was completed, I had to stab the felt with a pin.

After cutting the felt and removing the resists, I hand-felted the edges. Next time I'll use drinking straws for resists so that I get a bigger resist space and have edges that add some dimension to the piece.

This last piece is the runt of the litter. It was my first attempt and simply didn't want to turn into felt. And when it did decide (finally) to turn into felt, it shrank one direction lots more than in the other ... with the exception of one corner. Very fine silk scarves are felted into the top of this one.

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